The Delmarva Free School began as a community education platform, offering free wellness seminars in the community on mental health issues, women’s self-development, meditation and spirituality for wellness, and substance abuse.  That’s how we got our name!

We are a private, not-for-profit wellness co-op.

There are four ways to become a member.  

  1. Receiving direct service (one-on-one) therapeutic wellness treatments.
  2. Benefactor: Benefactor members make sizable, tax-deductible charitable donations.  These members ensure those who can not afford to pay full price for services are still able to receive treatment.
  3. Scholastic Membership: Scholastic membership is for our members interested in attending wellness seminars on a regular or semi-regular basis!
  4. Creative Advisory Council Service membership.  This is a year-long volunteer position.

Rates for direct service: $115/hr.

Scholastic member: $50/month.

Rates are negotiable.

Member Benefits:

DFS members receive access to discounted wellness seminars, and discounted rates with our other wellness practitioners.