The Delmarva Free School is a member-based wellness co-operative that provides a pay it forward model for mental health and wellness services.

Member Benefits:


Members receive free wellness workshops, learning circles, and wellness curriculums and seminars. See our series on the right for a list of upcoming events.

Membership is immediate by making a donation or by purchasing mental health or wellness sessions.


  • Sobriety accountability $50/wk
  • Women’s self-development $75/session
  • Therapy $115/session

Rates are negotiable.  Prioritized sliding scale services are available for those in the first five years of recovering their mind, body and sense of human spirit from substance abuse and other symptoms of complex, cultural trauma. This includes women in need of healing and empowerment work for a variety of reasons.  Sliding scale suggested rates $35-$75 a session.

Become a Member:

  1. Make a donation in the amount of your choice.
  2. Donations offset the cost for members, and or potential members, who need affordable sliding-scale mental health and wellness services.
  3. Your member benefits for choosing to support The Delmarva Free School will be free access to wellness workshops, learning circles, and retreat opportunities equivalent to the general value of your donation.  These options are listed to the right of the page (bottom if you’re on a mobile device.)  Email or call 443-493-3985 for more information.


  1. Decide if you are interested in personal therapy or coaching ( sliding scale emphasis on sobriety mentoring and women’s empowerment and embodiment).  Purchasing  services automatically makes you a member.
  2. Schedule a free consultation.  Email or call Kelly.  or 443 493 3985.
  3. Figure out together if you meet the criteria for sliding scale services.
  4. If you and Kelly seem to be a good match and agree to work together, membership begins when you sign a Consent for Services contract.
  5. As your purchase of each mental health or wellness session accrues, the total will be applied to the value of wellness workshops, learning circles, and retreats.  Your member benefits for choosing The Delmarva Free School will be access to these additional opportunities for no extra cost!

For more information, please email or call 443-493-3985!