The Delmarva Free School began as a community education platform, offering free wellness seminars in the community on mental health issues, women’s self-development, meditation and spirituality for wellness, and substance abuse.  That’s how we got our name!

We are a private, not-for-profit wellness co-op.

There are four ways to become a member.  

  1. Receiving direct service (one-on-one) therapeutic wellness treatments.
  2. Benefactor: Benefactor members make sizable, tax-deductible charitable donations.  These members ensure those who can not afford to pay full price for services are still able to receive treatment.
  3. Scholastic Membership: Scholastic membership is for our members interested in attending wellness seminars on a regular or semi-regular basis!
  4. Creative Advisory Council Service membership.  This is a year-long volunteer position.

Rates for direct service: $115/hr.

Scholastic member: $50/month.

Rates are negotiable.  Ask about scholarships.

Member Benefits: See the current list of upcoming events on the right (bottom for mobile users) of this page.

Learning Circles

Casual, educational, joyful, reflective. We explore being human with honesty and gentleness: no judgment, no shame.  These include practical ways to apply wellness concepts in your day to day.


We offer free psycho-educational seminars every cycle.  Contact Kelly about hosting one!