My specialized research at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpenteria, California was in alchemical hermenuetics.  This might be understood as a depth spiritual study.

It focused on tracking the individual’s menstrual cycle as a means of healing cultural, ancestral, and or family systems patterns.  During my research, clinically I was able to consider the gender self-wound for female identifying folks fundamental to dominant culture (patriarchal; white supremacy; colonizer narratives.)  

The research also considered the archetypes* (*another way to say this might be the ancient roots of / culture’s anthropological story warehouse and its energy mills*) present in Sacred Divine Feminine Stories from around the world; and theorized cyclical, hormonal, or body-based knowing as an intuitive grace of the body would result from such applied deconstruction work. 

These are big words and way more fun, wholesome, gritty, entertaining and most of all, wow’ing when you get to live them into being.  Women’s Embodiment is a calling for me, and one I believe connects us at the soul level.  Check in with me about possibly working together, package deals, solo and small group spiritual retreats, and specialty work like ritual, hedge work, wheel of the year, initiations and more.