Women’s Embodiment can include alternatives to traditional mental health treatment.

The goal of embodiment is establishing psycho-emotional, physical, soulful and spiritual sovereignty on your own terms.

Embodiment is about trusting and listening to your inner guidance.  Your heart, your mind, your body, your intellect, your intuition, your soul, your spirit.

This may mean unpacking and processing areas or experiences in your life where this trust was damaged.  We work on your own terms to encourage depth connection, healing, and empowerment.

At times, embodiment work leads to the discovery of longer-term psychotherapeutic or trauma treatment needs.

Women’s Embodiment is personally tailored to your soulful longings. It is a process of depth development. 

This is often a good match if you find you are in search of connection to or experiences of fundamental self and source feminine. It can include deconstruction of old-world stories in your mind and heart-bodies; exploration of and healing our ancestral, archetypal, and generational bodies and legacies; sacred ritual or sacred circles and initiation rites and work; experiencing lunar and menstrual mysteries and the Wheel of the Year; and soul and sacred imaginal work like journey or retrievals.

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