We are a member-supported recovery community and non-profit with a focus on embodiment, ecopsychology, and liberation. 

Our members receive individual, couples, family, or professional wellness services and access to a community of soulful and spiritual nourishment for the heart-body and mind.

For more info feel free to call 443 493 3985. Kindly leave a message!  Or you’re welcome to text.

We may be able to provide trauma-informed depth psychotherapy and recovery, women’s empowerment and embodiment, liberation/deconstruction work,  ecopsychology, recovery & addictions-based accountability/mentoring, or spiritual counseling or devotional and other kinds of sacred soul work; deep animism & sacred ceremony; solo and small group retreats; meditation & mindfulness practices; and or wheel of the year ritual and or other Rites/Initiations.

We offer sliding scale services with priority to women (female/fluid identifying) of color in or interested in recovery.  Please see Safe Sacred Spaces portion of our Vision Statement.

We are slowly developing a small community Land trust with interests in permaculture, embodiment, liberation, and spiritual and creative community on the edge of wild nature.

Contact us for more info!