This non-profit is a member-supported wellness co-op!  Our members receive access to individual, couples, family, or professional wellness services.

Free School Line: 443-493-3985

The Delmarva Free School was born in part to provide solution options to the substance abuse epidemic in our world.

If you need to understand more, or talk to someone about what’s going in your life or the life of someone you love, schedule a free half-hour consultation or information private phone session.  Call 443-493-3985, no strings attached.

We are donation-based and encourage your donations if you like what you hear, in order to offset the cost for paying members who receive the following services:

Learning Circles

Casual, educational, joyful, reflective. We explore being human with honesty and gentleness: no judgment, no shame.  Experience the safe container of a sacred circle. These include practical ways to apply wellness concepts in your day to day.  See the current list of upcoming events on the right (bottom for mobile users) of this page.


Mindfulness and positive psychology techniques are natural parts of treatment with me. These take-home stress-management tools can provide greater peace and an authentic sense of wellness that every person deserves.

Sobriety Mentoring

Personal accountability, daily behavior changes, emotional literacy, healing guilt and shame, stress management, and mindfulness are skills we will learn to practice together.  Healing your family and learning healthy communication is possible.  I am in my 18th year of practicing self-care by tending the needs of my mind, body, and spirit a day at a time.  Let’s talk!

Women’s Empowerment and Embodiment

I specialize in a feminist treatment perspective. My research considered the anthropological menstrual rites of sacred downgoing in an applied way, grounding women back into their bodies and against the seasons and rhythms of the earth, moon, and sun.   My female clients learn to safely name, deconstruct, and transform shame stories and patterns related to family of origin, societal, and other aspects of cultural, complex trauma.

Ecopsychology & Sacred Ceremony

Walk and talks, grounding, contemplation, and sacred ceremony in nature provide you the opportunity to unplug, recharge, and restore.  The natural rhythm of nature teaches us that life has parts that both constantly change and stay the same.  This backdrop provides us a powerful and peaceful resource to relate to your own unfolding journey.

Tele-therapy and Virtual Meetings

Explore these services in the safety and privacy of your own home.  Our work will often include establishing your own personal practices of self-care, and creation of your own private space, in which you commit regularly to your healing and wellness.  These options for your treatment empower you to learn to grow your own tools and skills, on your own terms, in your own space.