Board of Directors

The affairs of the Delmarva Free School shall be managed by its Board of Directors.*

Kelly J. Johnson Tokasz, Board Treasurer


Kelly J. Johnson Tokasz’ and Kelly Mac’s relationship started in the early 2000’s on the upper shore of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  They have shared a long term path of co-mentorship in many different areas of personal and professional life.

Kelly J. J. T’s decade of bookkeeping, accounting, and business management experience contributes to the strong financial and operational foundation of our organization.  Her spiritual life and worldview are rooted in a connection to the natural world nurtured by childhood camping trips, early morning fishing, and her barefoot upbringing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  This love of the natural world, and a desire to protect it, led Kelly to Warren Wilson College in the mountains of North Carolina. She received a BA in Environmental Policy in 2005. She credits her eight years in Asheville with initiating her to numerous spiritual practices and ideas, including Kundalini Yoga, esoteric Christianity, and good old fashioned dirt worshipping. She carries these practices in her daily life today.

Kelly returned to Maryland in 2010 to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary English and, after a few years in the classroom, returned to the business world.  Kelly’s professional philosophy is every business has the power to be a force for good, and  social entrepreneurship is a mentality that we can all bring to our work, regardless of what it is.  In her free time, you can find Kelly expressing her love of food through cooking or seeking new and interesting grub spots, hanging out on her back porch staring at the woods, or spending quality time with her loved ones like husband John, family and friends.

Erika Robuck, Board Secretary


Erika Robuck and Kelly Mac attended Arthur Slade Regional Catholic school together in Baltimore’s backyard in the 1980’s.  They used to exchange dreams and writings, writings and dreams in the back of the classroom in middle school.  The writing partners continue these sacred connections today with the inner-workings of the Free School.

Erika is also the national bestselling author of Hemingway’s Girl, Call Me Zelda, Fallen Beauty, The House of Hawthorne, and Receive Me Falling. She is a contributor to the anthology Grand Central: Postwar Stories of Love and Reunion, and to the Writer’s Digest essay collection Author in Progress. #Hockeystrong, as E. Robuck, is her first satire. She has her own blog, Muse, and is a member of the Hemingway, Historical Novel, and Millay Societies. In 2014, Robuck was named Annapolis’ Author of the Year.  She resides there with her husband and three sons.

Laura Walsh, Board Vice President


Laura Walsh and Kelly Mac began their relationship on the upper shore of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  They share a mutual affection for irreverent laughter, the arts, and thoughtful depth reflection.  Laura has supported Kelly’s vision for intentional soul work in the community for a decade and half.

Laura Walsh has also spent her career in the legal publishing field. With a focus on digital offerings, she is required to wear many hats simultaneously. Her day-to-day involves simple, old fashioned editing, conducting fact-checking research, creating and evolving web-based applications, doing customer outreach for new product concept testing, and managing the workflow of offshore contractors. She is part of a close-knit team — it’s not just what you do, but who you do it with. Laura received a B.A. in English Literature from Washington College in 2002, and is a devotee of striking the balance between urban and natural landscape experiences.

*from our Non-Profit By-Laws