Kelly McMullen received a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from the school that houses the archives of several of her favorite scholars.   She was clinically trained in mental health at a residential treatment center for addictions that specialized in dual diagnoses.  Kelly herself is open about her own journey with mental health, wellness, and substance abuse issues.


Kelly taught life skills, workforce development, literacy, high school diploma preparation, and english as a second language for about ten years.  Her experience was primarily with teens and young adults, including young people from several different countries and cultures.  Teaching is a natural strength as Kelly herself is a lifelong, enthusiastic learner.

She is a licensed mental health counselor.  Her license number through the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for the State of Maryland is 7056.  Her training is in psychodynamic theory, application, and intervention.  This approach takes an individual’s entire life journey into consideration, paying close attention to patterns and relationships.  It also makes room for exploring deeper themes and meanings.  Kelly relies on behavior modification related to changing self-stories from CBT, and radical acceptance and mindfulness teachings from DBT.

Her research considered anthropological menstrual rites in an applied way, grounding women back in their bodies and against the seasons and rhythms of the earth, moon, and sun.  She helps her female clients safely name, deconstruct, and transform shame stories and patterns related to family of origin, societal, or cultural complex trauma.

Kelly has studied and spent time practicing different spiritual and self-development teachings, including Vipassana Buddhism, Christian philosophy, and varieties of divine-feminine theologies.  Mindfulness, meditation, and sacred embodiment have been a part of her life path for close to twenty years.  She is certified in and practices Reiki, and also studies and is certified in Permaculture design.  Social permaculture as a way of inner and lifestyle wellness is one of her personal motivations.

She is a member of the Maryland Counseling Association, American Mental Health Counselors Association, the Depth Psychology Alliance, Surfrider, the Art League of Ocean City, and Assateague Coastal Alliance.

Beach bumming is her first passion and outside playing in nature is often where you’ll find her!  Kelly is an earth mama who loves laughing, enjoying good relationships, dancing, writing, poetry, live music, and eating–especially tacos and food she grows herself!