Welcome!  Here’s a bit about me, professional and personal~

I received a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifca Graduate Institute in Carpenteria, California.  Pacifica was on my dream list for almost 20 years. While at PGI, my clinical training was in Marriage and Family Counseling and mental health and addictions at New Method Wellness, a residential rehab that specializes in dual diagnoses.  I’ve always been open about my own journey with mental health, wellness, and substance abuse issues.  I am in my twenty-third year on an integrative recovery path.


I taught life skills, workforce development, literacy, high school diploma preparation, and english as a second language through the state the Maryland, and later for Chesapeake College or private universities in southern California for ten years.  My experience was with teens through post-retirement adults, including people from several different countries and cultures.   I will always be a lifelong, enthusiastic learner which is probably why I also love teaching.

I’m a licensed mental health counselor.  My license number through the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for the State of Maryland is 7056.  My training is in psychodynamic (psychological dynamics, like in your relationships, family of origin, workplace etc.) theories, applications, and interventions with depth focus.  Depth approach validates the Self, or unique Soul, of the individual.  For me it also explores soul, meaning making and narrative/narrative deconstruction related to our family’s, culture’s, and other examples of group and collective. Systems, relationships and connection fascinate and inspire me.  Inclusion and advocacy for peoples of color and culture is a lifelong dedication.

Clinically, I use behavior modification related to changing self-stories from CBT, and radical acceptance, regulation, and mindfulness teachings from DBT.  I am interested in the clinical soundness of energy psychologies.  I practice techniques like EMDR and EFT that are based in these evidences. I am also trained and experienced as a Reiki practitioner and in other body-mind energy techniques.

My personal recovery story, as well as my clinical approach is trauma-informed, so this is a natural part of my treatment perspective.  Deprogramming trauma responses and other mental health responses that are written in the body is central to liberation work and why I started the Free School.  Body sovereignty is a fundamental pillar of wellness to me, please ask to understand more of what I mean!

Mindfulness, meditation, nature ceremonies and sacred ritual have been a part of my life path for over twenty years.  These practices continue to connect me to my personal spiritual elders, and teachers and mentors old and new.

Finally, because of my own story of recovery and Masters research, both my trauma perspective and women’s embodiment work is grounded in healing attachment and adjustment functioning connected to systems, gender inequity, and relational self-worth.

I am a member of the Maryland Counseling Association, American Mental Health Counselors Association, the Depth Psychology Alliance, Psychotherapy Networker, Black Mental Health Alliance, Surfrider, the Art League of Ocean City, and Assateague Coastal Trust.

Beach bumming is my first passion! I love playing in nature, enjoying good relationships, dancing, poetry, live music, and eating–especially tacos and food I grow myself!  Drop me a line or pick up the phone. Let’s talk!



In accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, Health Occupations, 17-308, Authority granted by license, 17-309, Supervised clinical practice, and 17-507:

 Kelly McMullen, M.A., L.G.P.C. (Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor) #7056, Director of The Delmarva Free School Inc in Pittsville, MD, is authorized to provide services involving the application of counseling principles and methods in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and amelioration of psychological problems, emotional conditions, or mental conditions of individuals or groups.

(443) 493 3985; or Kelly@TheDelmarvaFreeSchool.com


M.A. Counseling Psychology at Pacific Graduate Institute

 Fee Schedule:

$165/hr.  Sliding scale and scholarships available.